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Digital Trail Guides

In a developing project, we will be mapping and documenting the various walking and biking trails through Malden, MA

The 2017 DCR annual Park Serve Day on 4/29 was a great success - details here

MIT ran a story on one of our projects - "MIT’s Mysterious Observatory Rediscovered"

The Friends of Fells provides more on this -"Uncovering the MIT Geodetic Observatory in the Middlesex Fells"

For additional environmentally friendly activities visit Mystic River Watershed Association

The "MIT Geodetic Observatory" is an 1899 historic site located within the borders of Malden, Massachusetts, in the Middlesex Fells Reservation.

Please email any questions, comments, or offers to volunteer in any way to: digitaltrailguides@gmail.com - we'll continue to provide updates on this at www.digitaltrailguides.com